JAY ACUNZO helps brands spark movements bigger than themselves.

Jay creates and hosts original series with brands.

Jay is an award-winning podcaster and dynamic keynote speaker. Previously, Jay was in PR and communications at ESPN, served as a digital media strategist and social media evangelist at Google, and led content marketing and editorial teams for Breaktime Media (acquired) and HubSpot (IPO).

He's built content strategies for startups and hosted attention-grabbing series for brands. His work has been cited in places ranging from Harvard Business School to the Washington Post. Today, Jay hosts original series and works with teams who aspire to be the exception to the conventional thinking of their niche.




"50 On Fire" Winner

- American City Business Journal's innovation award, media & marketing category

Top-12 Podcaster for Entrepreneurs

Forbes staff


"One of the hottest new podcasts out there"

- Entrepreneur Magazine

"Jay is a savant in all things creativity."

- Salesforce

#1 Audience-Rated Speaker, 2016

CMWorld is the world's largest content marketing event, with over 4K annual attendees and speakers from the world's most creative brands, including LEGO, Disney, Google, GE, Microsoft, IBM, Marriott, LinkedIn, REI, and more.

Jay was awarded the 2017 opening keynote as a result.

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"Jay is truly amazing."

"I admire his craftsmanship. He narrated and produced a great audio documentary series for us. I was wondering if he, as an outsider, could capture the essence of our stories. He did amazing work." - Michael Stelzner, CEO of Social Media Examiner

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  • Jay's mission is to tell the world's most powerful stories about the work we do. He believes that realizing one's potential and finding greater meaning in life should happen at work as well as at home -- and that brands can spark huge movements with passionate fans around this idea of meaningful work. Whether it's "The Daily Show of Tech" or a travel documentary about healthcare, Jay seeks to elevate the quality and impact of the stories and shows we create about people and their work.


  • Jay's goal for every episode and every project is to create something "nutritious and delicious." It must be worth an audience's time and be memorable, while also being smart and relevant. To achieve this, Jay combines two superpowers: the ability to entertain through humor and emotional stories and the ability to deconstruct and distill important topics or moments into their fundamental elements. 

  • Jay isn't the professor or out-of-touch celebrity. He's the guy you want to share a few drinks with to learn, laugh, and hear some memorable stories. His unique combination of humor, positivity, intellectual and emotional curiosity, and attention to detail have helped him quickly ascend into one of the business world's top storytellers. He has a natural, accessible style on the microphone, in front of the camera, and on stages.


Unthinkable Podcast Cover.png



Stories of how conventional thinking forms and the people who dare to question it.

Featured on both iTunes and Stitcher home pages and dubbed "This American Life for marketers" by listeners.

"Travel" is a good example of...

  • Narrative storytelling + interviews
  • Finding powerful untold stories
  • Use of ambient sounds
  • ...and an extra-powerful ending.

"Voices" is a good example of...

  • Narrative storytelling + interviews
  • Finding deeper meaning in well-known stories
  • Use of multiple voices and stories in 1 episode
  • ...and an especially playful sound.

This keynote speech uses stories and ideas pulled from Jay's podcast. Delivered to 500 event attendees:


AUDIO DOCUMENTARY SERIES hosted and produced for Social Media Examiner's annual event. (Later turned into an animated video, as seen below.)

  • Over 600K combined downloads & views
  • Invited to present the process behind creating the series to event attendees (3,000 total)

"TRACTION" PODCAST hosted and produced for NextView Ventures, a top-tier venture capital firm based in Boston and New York.

  • Before episode 20, the show had already been recognized by Forbes, TechStars, The Boston Globe, and the American City Business Journal's digital publication, BostInno.

PROMOTIONAL VIDEO created for Jay's 2017 keynote speech in Boston at the Growth Acceleration Summit.

  • Concept pulled from the language of the upcoming speech: In a world where average advice is everywhere, what does it take to do more exceptional work?


  • Interviewed by Influitive CMO:
  • Interviewed about original series for brands:


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